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The Red Cross cannot offer anything but relief in his view. "We cannot create jobs," he says, "but it is NGOs such as ours, Cáritas, plus the general public services that are social are acting like a buffer for culture." If the situation aggravate and more people into the islands fall victim to poverty, he warns, you will have turmoil that is social. "i could observe in a few sectors," he elaborates, "like large organizations as well as the bank operating system, some body may see ‘green shoots’, however it is maybe not the way it is for the common people."

In light of the deteriorating situation in the islands, the Red Cross has launched a three-year system entitled "Now More Than Ever" targeted at intensifying its support for poor people and for kids.
A bag of food is not the answer

David Muñoz is president of this Official expert university of Social Workers within the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria province. As mind associated with the institution which represents 1,300 associated with islands’ 3,000 social workers, Muñoz is concerned about the negative effects the blended economic crisis and government cuts are receiving into the country’s welfare state. In accordance with him, Spain is experiencing a reversal when it comes to the country’s hard-won welfare state system whereby liberties and social justice are being handed back again to charities, as had been the case in pre-constitutional Spain, over 35 years back.

In Muñoz’s view, as opposed to very carefully setting spending plan priorities for the sake of austerity and cutting superfluous expenses, the us government is committing "austericide" on the people by depriving them of their basic liberties. "Cuts in healthcare, education and services that are social creating more problems, while the figures prove it."
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Because the dilemma of youngster poverty continues to grow, the islands’ regional federal government has announced intends to expand the financing of general public school dinners in an attempt to restore a few of the kids. Certainly, at some college districts, the jobless price is as high as 70 percent, so the have to widen usage of general public school dinners is just a social emergency.

In addition, the federal government states its focusing on a "plan against poverty," which is to add the opening of 182 public schools come early july to keep the supper services going and the kids given.

What's going to Carolina, Francisco and María do if their situation continues to deteriorate? Carolina does not wait to answer: "we´ll only have to head to Cáritas for assistance."
Charities take over social services

Cáritas Diocesana is really a Catholic relief charity that helps the poor. Its chapter in the Canary Islands, consisting of 1,205 volunteers, stands out as one of the most extremely recognizable local non-government businesses, that are filling the welfare void left out by the overrun system of public social solutions. In 2012, Cáritas assisted over 46,000 individuals into the Canaries in providing all of them with shelter, meals and medications, among other provisions.

"The situations of ‘new poor’ families like the one you mention are indeed becoming common," says Cáritas’ Institutional Development Coordinator for the province of Las Palmas, Elena Henríquez.