The Numerous Uses for a Pre-Fab Metal Building

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When one thinks of a metal building, one tends to envision the cold, rusted, and hollow airplane hangars. Yet there are an infinite number of uses for a pre- fabricated steel building. As expert metal building engineers and manufacturers, Rigid Global Building can describe some of the commercial and industrial applications for a pre-fab metal building.

Industrial Steel Buildings
Customized to fit any application, pre-fab steel buildings can be engineered to fit the specific needs of your industry. Pre-fab metal buildings are excellent for the industrial market because they are not flammable, making them perfect for storing hazardous chemicals. Our most common industrial metal buildings include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and industrial plant generators. Moreover, accessories such as insulation and solar panels to can be added to the pre-fab metal building reduce energy costs for your facility. Insulated metal roof and wall panels are also available through Rigid.

Steel Commercial Buildings
The limitless options provided by pre-fab steel buildings allows Rigid Global to accommodate the needs of any commercial project. Commercial uses for a pre-fab metal building generally include office buildings, retail buildings, and stand-alone box buildings. With up to three stories, commercial steel buildings can house anything from doctor’s offices and gyms, to spas and restaurants.

Let your creativity be your guide! Rigid Global Buildings can help you reduce construction costs by supplying you with the steel beams and metal roofing while you select an alternative exterior facing. In addition to metal components, Rigid offers a variety of alternative exterior facing, such as StuccoLite for a stucco look and RigidRockÔ, which provides a rock-type feel.

Source: Rigid global buildings